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Hexagon-shaped Tote Bag Template (With Instructions)

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Stop throwing away the discarded fabric, we can use all the discarded fabric to make this hexagon bag.Not only can you splice fabric but also leather! Fashionable and beautiful.

Not only do you have plenty of space for your belongings when you're out and about, but it can also be used as a storage bag to help you organize your belongings at home, perfect for sewing enthusiasts!

We have three sizes available, so you are free to choose the right template to make according to the person using it. The small size can also be used for children's favorite toys, Barbie dolls, snacks and other items, that's how cute!
It can also be used as a storage bag to help you organize your things, whether it's sewing tools, or everyday items, you can use this bag to put them all. Practicality and beauty are not missing.

It's very easy to make, with our templates you can save a lot of time and also be able to make different styles, you just need to go and choose the fabric you like and you can start anytime. And it is possible to make unlimited!


Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Size: Small-8 inch; Medium-12 inch; Large-15 inch